From December 15 no in-person counseling in Ahlhorn

Dear counselees,

Unfortunately we cannot offer in-person counseling in Ahlhorn starting December 15. Instead, we provide counseling via phone, email and WhatsApp. We still offer in-person counseling in Wildeshausen under 2G+ conditions.

What we do

We provide counseling,

in the Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Ahlhorn, Katharinenstraße 15, 26197 Großenkneten

  • Tuesday 9.30 - 12.30
  • Thursday 15.00 - 17.30

in the Mehrgenerationenhaus Wildeshausen (1. floor), Bahnhofstr. 14, 27793 Wildeshausen

  • Tuesday 14:30 - 17:00

in a location of your choosing

  • Monday 09:00 - 11:30

Due to the corona-pandemic we only provide counseling after making an appointment. To make an appointment, send us an email at or call us:

Due to the pandemic, we ask you to observe the following at your appointment:

  • Please wait before we ask you to come in.
  • Please wash your hands upon entering.
  • Please bring a medical face mask (FFP2 or surgical -- If necessary, we can also provide one.
  • We'll ventilate the rooms during counseling.
  • We'll partially disinfect the surfaces.
  • Please keep as much distance as possible!

We are not interested in panic-mongering, but in preventive, solidarity-based action.

Our solidarity changes its form, but in unknown, uncertain times, solidarity is essential for all of us!